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I did not expect the way it ended, but I liked it <3


This movie looks so great, intense, & amazing! I'd love to see it in theaters! This trailer is perfect :)
Logic took me out of this movie. The fact that he was having instantaneous comms with Earth (Spacebook?) and that it only took him 60 days to get back to Earth made the science nerd in me call BS..
what is the songs ?
I almost teared up...then I realized this is a fictional story in a realistic situation. Yes, I was talking about love being fictional..

THE GUY FROM THE OFFICE OMGGGGAsa Butterfield ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for not living in MarsAn oscar is needed for this movie because its based on Saudi Arabia where in fact it is not shot there + does not look like Saudi Arabia + not a single Saudi Arabian or even an Arabian guy is in this trailer. WOW! I am saudi and I do not care how they picture us, however, it is really sad that Tom Hanks has gone this far in his legendary career..

Thank you a movie that’s good
I know I am late but I just want to say that I fell in love with this movie just tonight after watching for the first time. I thought it'd be boring but I was surprise I was smiling and crying the whole entire time. Its now one of my favorite and I have learned a lot. Cant get over with the different characters that was well played. And wow, that was a lot of happening for one day..


Movie was great ....But ending WHYYYY





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